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Chen Jia steadfastly spreads Wuyi Mountain's stories

gofujian.com.cn | Updated: 2024-03-18

1.jpgChen Jia, a raft woman of Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area in Fujian. [Photo/WeChat ID: fjnpfl]

At the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area in Fujian, floating downstream on a bamboo raft along the Jiuqu Stream is a popular activity for tourists, and 39-year-old Chen Jia is the most sought-after raft woman in the area.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, she has earned widespread praise from tourists.

She provides intriguing explanations to tourists from around the world while taking them down stream on her raft, regaling them with stories of cliff inscriptions and insights into the history, culture, and sustainable development principles of Wuyi Mountain.

"In addition to the beautiful scenery, Wuyi Mountain is home to many fascinating but little-known stories. It is the responsibility of every one of us at Wuyi Mountain to share these stories," Chen stated.

In this regard, Chen has spared no effort. In the eyes of others, she has the tenacity and strength of a bamboo pole. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge is evident in her continuous efforts to read and seek advice, ensuring that she can provide the best answers possible to questions from tourists.

Acknowledging that her efforts alone are not enough, in 2022, Chen took the lead in establishing a team of 24 women to enrich the rafting experience with stories about Wuyi Mountain's ecological development and traditional culture. They have conducted approximately 19,000 presentations, reaching over 150,000 individuals through visits to various organizations and schools.

Chen's commitment and leadership were recognized when she was honored as a National March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter in early March of this year. She sees this recognition as a new starting point and is determined to continue learning and improving with her team members to further share the captivating stories of Wuyi Mountain.

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