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A view of Zhangzhou. [Photo/zhangzhou.gov.cn]

Zhangzhou is a coastal city in southern Fujian province with a land area of about 12,600 square kilometers and a sea area of about 18,600 sq km. The resident population of the prefecture-level city in 2021 was 5.07 million.

Located at the southernmost tip of East China's Fujian province, Zhangzhou borders the cities of Quanzhou and Xiamen to the northeast and faces the southern part of Taiwan. The city is the hometown for many overseas Chinese and many Taiwan residents. It is said that almost 30 percent of the population of Taiwan originally came from Zhangzhou.

The city has received a number of honors, such as National Historical and Cultural City, National Culture Reserve, China's Best Tourist City and Fujian Province's Ecological City. It is also known as China's daffodil capital.

Boasting natural scenery and a rich cultural heritage, Zhangzhou has many tourism resources and unique cultural customs and is a place where people can enjoy the unique flavors of southern Fujian culture. It's also known for its flowers, fruits and hot springs, making the city an excellent winter tourism destination.

Well-known tourism spots in the city include the Nanjing Tulous (Hakka-style round buildings), Yuandong Cave, Sanping Scenic Area, Zhangzhou Coastal Volcano National Geographic Park, Zhaojia Fortress, Dongshan Island, Jiangkou Mangrove Protection Area and Yunshuiyao Ancient Town.

In 2022, Zhangzhou's GDP reached about 570.66 billion yuan ($83 billion), an increase of 6.9 percent compared to that in 2021. Both the per capita disposable income of urban residents and rural residents in the city increased last year. The city's imports and exports grew 13.9 percent to 120.09 billion yuan and its actual use of foreign capital soared 102 percent to $396.16 million.

The city's progress in environmental improvements continues to improve alongside its economic development. The local government has been promoting the construction of a garden-like and eco-friendly city, creating a win-win situation that integrates production, livelihood and conservation. Its water, shorelines and atmospheric and soil conditions have also improved.

The improved environment also helps Zhangzhou attract many domestic and foreign investors, including Hengfeng Bank, China's insurance giant Pingan Group, China National Pharmaceutical Group and China National Petroleum Corporation.

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