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Verditer flycatchers grace Xiamen with their sapphire beauty

By HU MEIDONG | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2024-03-21

1.jpegA verditer flycatcher perches in Xiamen, Fujian province. [Photo by Chen Bo/For chinadaily.com.cn]

Since the beginning of March, the start of spring has brought the fragrance of flowers and the chirping of birds to Xiamen in Fujian province.

A beautiful blue bird species has recently arrived in the coastal city. Verditer flycatchers perch by the lakeside in the shade of lush trees, adorned with beautiful feathers resembling sapphires.

"The verditer flycatchers are passing through Xiamen during their spring migration and will make a brief stop here," said Peng Zhiwei, president of the Xiamen Birdwatching Society.

According to Peng, they usually inhabit mountain forests and areas near farmland, primarily feeding on insects and fruits. They have previously been recorded in the city's botanical garden and villages.

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