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Echoes of friendship between Chinese and US teenagers

gofujian.com.cn | Updated: 2024-07-09

2.pngChinese and American students experience both teamwork and competition at the event. [Photo by Wen Linxiang/fj.chinadaily.com]


Over 30 American teenagers visited the Affiliated High School of the Fuzhou Institute of Education for an exchange program aimed at promoting mutual understanding and cultural exchange between American and Chinese youth on July 7.

During their visit, the American students immersed themselves in the cultural ambiance of Chinese schools, engaging with local students, forging friendships, and improving their language skills and cross-cultural awareness.

At the Affiliated High School of FIE, 38 students and teachers from Lincoln High School joined Chinese students in hands-on craft classes, learning traditional arts like Fuzhou oil-paper umbrella making, paper-cutting, and brush calligraphy.

Both groups enjoyed performances of Fuzhou folk songs and dances, martial arts demonstrations, Hanfu displays, and classic Min Opera excerpts.

Additionally, the Chinese and American students formed basketball, rugby, and table tennis teams, participating in friendly matches that further solidified their friendships amidst a spirited and welcoming atmosphere.

The year 2024 contains a number of significant milestones, including the 45th anniversary of Sino-US diplomatic relations, the 30th anniversary of sister city ties between Fuzhou and Tacoma, and the 16th year of partnership between Lincoln High School and the Affiliated High School of FIE.

1.pngTeenagers feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture. [Photo by Wen Linxiang/fj.chinadaily.com]

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